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Shower Leak Detection

Shower leak detection Brisbane

Shower leak detection Brisbane

Leaking showers cause stains, bacteria, and mold to grow on carpets, grout, paint, architraves, and plaster walls. This causes an unhealthy smell and poses a health risk to the members of your family or housemates. Even if you only temporarily stop the leaks with silicone, grout, or sealant, the problems will recur in months and you’ll have to spend more money and time on repairs. Brisbane Leak Detection can help you with the source of shower leak detection Brisbane.

The signs you have a shower leak

  • The architraves of the doors, the skirting boards and the floor boards surrounding the bathroom were swollen and rotten

  • A cracked or moving tile, cracked or missing grout or even a tiny hole in the shower can lead to serious leaks in the bathroom and adjacent room.

  • Moldy or split silicone seals on the perimeter of the shower floor allow water to seep in from the walls and floor and spread throughout the entire bathroom.

  • A damaged or split waterproof membrane may allow water to penetrate into the flooring, which can cause structural damage

Leak Detection of shower leaks

Are you a Brisbane homeowner dealing with the frustration and annoyance of your leaking shower? You’ve already spent considerable amounts of money trying to locate and fix the shower leak, but the problem persists. The only advice available is to resort to expensive repairs or component replacements, only for the leaks to resurface later.

At Brisbane Leak Detection, we understand this hassle because we have been through it ourselves too! That’s why we offer a comprehensive shower leak detection Brisbane services using advanced thermal water leak detection so we can identify where the water leak is coming from accurately and cost-effectively. Not only will our qualified shower leak specialist technicians perform this service, but they also provide expert advice on how best to repair the issues detected.

Let us help you with your  water leak crisis and restore peace of mind.  – all at an affordable price! With our fast and efficient solution, we will not only provide professional results but also personalized customer service. So act now before your investment costs escalate any further due to water damage caused by the shower leak.

Bathroom leak detection

Brisbane Leak Detection developed a method that is systematized and highly accurate for finding water leaks in taps and wet areas. We ensure the most accurate and detailed results for our customers by using FLIR E5 Thermal Imaging Camera.

We use the following methods and equipment:

  • Hydrostatic pressure testing is performed on wall pipework and shower combinations

  • A thermal camera is used to inspect in-wall pipes

  • Electronic moisture measurement

  • Hot dye test of shower grout and water proofing membrane

  • Shower screen and tile wash down tests

Leaking showers are caused by a variety of factors

  • There are several causes of drips in shower heads, including shower taps that don’t close completely, allowing water to pass through and out. In most cases, a tap service is all that’s needed.

  • Tap penetrations that have not been silicone sealed may allow water into the wall.
  • Water leaks behind the wall from a new rose that was installed incorrectly

  • You are experiencing leaks in the hallway from your shower because the combination has been damaged or split in the wall

  • Tiles with cracks. A bathroom can leak through the ceiling if water seeps through tiles and penetrates the waterproofing membrane

  • Grout in the shower. As a result of harsh cleaning and acidic chemicals, tile grout decays over time, resulting in water leaking from the shower base

  • Water leaks through the water proof membrane and travels to adjoining rooms or hallways when the shower base leaks.

  • There can be a variety of reasons for water leaking behind tiles, but it is typically caused by another problem listed above.

  • Leaking shower waste is a common cause of showers leaking through ceilings. The ceiling below may also have stains or mold.

  • The reason for water leaking behind tiles can vary greatly, but is usually caused by another issue.

  • The silicone. Water may pass through, around, or under old or deteriorated silicone


Fixing Shower Leaks Behind Wall with shower Leak Detection

Have you ever wondered how to determine if your shower is leaking behind a wall? Finding the location of a shower leak can be very difficult and costly. Brisbane leak detection will help you understand the process of where to start when looking for a shower water leak, identify what causes leaks in showers and explain different methods of repair detection

One way to detect the exact location of an undetected plumbing problem is with advanced water Leak Detection technology The use of this specialty equipment eliminates any guesswork that could result in misdiagnosis or wasted time detecting attempts Plumbing Leak Detection Brisbane offers professional services that aid in pinpointing where exactly the water leak might be coming from and assess whether the area needs repairs


Bathroom Leak Detection Brisbane

Our advanced leak detection systems are capable of detecting shower leaks quickly, accurately, and cost effectively with minimally invasive investigations possible under certain circumstances. By using thermal imaging cameras, we ensure all locations are thoroughly investigated to ensure you have peace of mind before taking action on expensive wall restructures.


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Finding the source of the water leak

A Brisbane leak detection service can identify the source of the leak and provide you with the most appropriate solution for repairing your leaking shower. Because our shower leak detection plumbers are also licensed and experienced, you can trust them to handle your leaking shower efficiently

How we find your shower leak

Some of our methods and equipment we use:

  • In wall pipework and shower combinations, hydro static Pressure testing is performed
  • Inspection of in wall pipes with a thermal camera
  • Imaging & testing with a thermal gun
  • Measurement of moisture using electronic instruments
  • Testing of shower grout and shower water proofing membrane with hot dye
  • Wash down testing on shower screen and tiles

Who do I call for shower leak detection Brisbane?

At leak detection Brisbane all our technicians are fully insured and trained in the use of the most advanced leak detection equipment and tools, including electro-acoustic, tracer gas, thermal imaging, pressure testing, moisture mapping, CCTV camera inspections. In order to assist with bathroom leak detection throughout Brisbane, Brisbane leak detection continues to invest in new, leading-edge  tools and technology.