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Thermal Leak Detection


Thermal Leak Detection in Brisbane ? We’ve got you covered.

Water leaks have always been a pain because they tend to show up in places far from where the actual leak is happening. This can lead to mold growth and other damage, especially when it comes to residential buildings. But don’t worry, our leak detection service is both fast and affordable – we’ll help you find those pesky leaks! In the past, plumbers had to dig through multiple properties just to locate a leak without proper tools. Luckily for you though, our team uses high-tech devices for thermal leak detection Brisbane that accurately pinpoint the source of any water leakage. Keep reading for all the details on how this works! Thermal Imaging Leak Detection works by using infrared technology to detect temperature changes in the surrounding environment. These temperature changes are caused by water escaping from a pipe and changing the temperature of the area around it. This allows our leak specialist to precisely locate the source of the water leak without having to dig up your entire property.

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Thermal imaging is a remarkable technique that enables the capture of images depicting infrared radiation or heat emanating from various sources. This innovative process involves the utilization of specialized technology to gather visual representations of temperature differences emitted by individuals or objects, which may not be visible with naked eyes. Through thermal imaging, one can gain valuable insights into otherwise imperceptible aspects such as energy loss and performance inefficiencies in buildings, equipment faults and malfunctions in industrial settings, and even medical diagnoses through identifying inflammation patterns within human bodies. In essence, this cutting-edge method allows us to see beyond what our regular senses perceive while providing significant applications across several domains.

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How do Thermal Imaging devices work?

All objects emit infrared light. Thermal water Leak Detection  can measure the amount of this light coming from a surface and, with this information, calculates the latter’s temperature.
Note that these devices will work even if it’s freezing outside because they are not sensitive to weather conditions.

It is a well-known fact that all objects emit infrared light, albeit at varying levels. This natural phenomenon has been harnessed by advanced technology to create Thermal Leak Detectors capable of detecting the amount of this invisible light emanating from surfaces. With exceptional precision and accuracy, these detectors can calculate the temperature of any surface they are pointed towards using sophisticated algorithms based on thermodynamic principles.

One remarkable feature of these devices is their insensitivity to weather conditions. Regardless of how low temperatures may plummet during freezing weather or how high humidity may get in hot and humid conditions, Thermal Leak Detectors remain impervious to such factors and continue delivering accurate readings without fail.

Can thermal imaging cameras see behind walls?

Despite what the film industry may lead us to think, the response is negative.
Thermal imaging cameras can only detect differences in temperature on the surface of walls and objects, making it impossible for them to “see” through solid walls.

Hidden Shower leaks Brisbane

Looking for a way to detect hidden leaks without tearing apart your property? Well, that’s where the difference between a plumber and an expert leak specialist with thermal cameras comes in. At Brisbane leak detection, we utilize cutting-edge equipment like infrared or thermal cameras, CCTV vision, and acoustic listening devices to provide our clients with non-invasive solutions for their water leaking woes.

If you’re wondering whether it’ll save you money to hire a plumber who uses these top-of-the-line tools – the answer is unequivocally yes! Our team at Brisbane Leak Detection charges fewer man-hours compared to plumbers who don’t use this advanced technology. Not only will you save time and money by hiring us but also have peace of mind knowing that your problem will be resolved quickly without leaving behind any unnecessary damage.

So if you’re facing leaks within your home or even concerned about silent ones lurking out of sight – consider opting for professional leak detection  services armed with thermal devices specifically designed for detecting hard-to-spot leakage problems.

Leaking shower with and without thermal camera

Shower leaking
Same shower with thermal gun
Shower leak detection
Same shower with thermal gun